My Garden Smells The title reads, My Garden Smells, not, My Garden Smells. Confused? This blog is a picture tour of plants in our gardens that qualify for a scratch and sniff book. There are times when I enjoy just going from plant to plant to rub and sniff or just to smell the daisies, … Continue reading

An Interview With Botanist Walter Kittredge This blog is going to be a departure from the many entries I have made in the past. I am taking a page from Margaret Roache’s A Way To Garden blog where she provides a transcript of conversations she has with experts in the field of horticulture. My first … Continue reading

May Flowers

Here is a collection of pictures I took in our gardens this morning on the 15th of May. Left to right: Row one, tulips, grape hyacinths with johnny jump-ups; English daises; dwarf iris. Row two, reblooming lilac; pansy; bleeding heart. Row three, anemone; solomon’s| seal; ladies mantle. Row four, sweet woodruff, vinca; purple lilac. Row … Continue reading May Flowers